Stockport First Aid: “Why Does My Company Need to Provide First Aiders?”

There are a few options when considering the First Aid requirements of your company – and you will only know what is required once you have undertaken a full risk assessment.

A risk assessment is mandated by law and therefore compulsory for any business, from those in office buildings to those on oil rigs or in laboratories. The range of potential workplaces means that the simplest way to find potential risk is through a risk assessment, such as those which can be carried out by First Aid Training Stockport & Manchester.

If your business is found to have only a very limited health and safety risk then you would only need an Appointed Person.

An Appointed Person is not a First Aider. They are responsible for managing the First Aid kit (which your company should have) and calling emergency services should an emergency happen. Basic regulations state that this is the minimum cover for a company with regard to First Aid, and is appropriate for very small offices. An Appointed Person may also undertake further First Aid training should they wish to do so.

If the health and safety assessment requires your company to have more than an Appointed Person, then there are two possible courses for you to consider.

One is the Emergency First Aid at Work Course (in Stockport and Manchester), or EFAW, which is a one day course. The other is the First Aid at Work Course, or FAW, which lasts for three days.

Logically, the three day course offers a far more comprehensive First Aid training which would be necessary in medium to high risk workplaces, while the one day course could be appropriate for a low risk environment.

The question here is, “Why do you need to provide First Aiders at work?” – and the answer is twofold.

First, ask yourself if you should have a basic First Aid kit in the workplace. The answer is, of course, yes, because you might need it if someone were to hurt themselves. The same applies to First Aiders: you have them around just in case something bad happens, and it often does. A First Aider in the workplace is like a safety net protecting your employees, and yourself from health risks and potential lawsuits.

Second, it is simply the law that you have at least some level of First Aid in your workplace, and the level of First Aid that is required must be ascertained from a risk assessment. These are the ‘musts’ of First Aid in the work place and whether you need an Appointed Person or a person who has completed the First Aid at Work Course Manchester or the Emergency First Aid at Work Course Stockport, your workplace does need First Aid cover.

Treat First Aid training as insurance for your Manchester or Stockport business. We can help you meet all Health & Safety Regulations.

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