Official HSE-Approved First Aid Courses, in Stockport & Manchester

The HSE, or Health and Safety Executive, is a body whose sole purpose is to stop people being killed, injured or becoming ill at work.

This may sound like a big task, and it is, but the way the HSE manages to accomplish this is through regulations and codes of practice that protect people while they are within the workplace.

Part of the function of the HSE is, for example, to inspect risk assessments that companies put forward about their places of work. There is another side, however, which regulates the particular health of your workplace, and this is assisted by First Aid companies that provide training and support. There are many First Aid Courses offered in Stockport and Manchester, however it is vital that your company use only HSE-approved courses, otherwise the work you put in will be in vain.

Emergency First Aid at Work Courses (in Stockport and Manchester) are one easy way to follow HSE regulations. There are only two HSE-approved courses: the first takes three days and is entitled FAW or First Aid at Work. There is also the re-qualification which is a two day course. Finally, there is the Emergency First Aid at Work course which is one day. These are the only HSE approved courses.

There are other kinds of courses but these are the key courses which cover First Aid in the workplace. Of course, the particular kind of First Aid course you need will depend on the requirements of your workplace.

The First Aid at Work (FAW) Course has certain limitations. You must, for example, be physically able to carry out the necessary procedures that First Aid will require. The qualification for this course lasts for three years. This course is particularly valuable where a risk assessment has indicated that a First Aider is required, but it can also be undertaken by an Appointed Person who wants more training.

The Emergency First Aid at Work Course (EFAW) provides a qualification that is valid for three years, but this one day course obviously covers much less than the FAQ course.

Whichever course best suits your requirements, whether you’re looking for First Aid Courses in Stockport or Manchester, the course material is standardised. Both courses cover such topics as the role of a First Aider, how to communicate with an injured person, what a First Aid kit is comprised of and the correct way to record an incident. Both courses will also teach you cardio pulmonary resuscitation, commonly known as CPR, and will teach you how to deal with an unconscious person, and a person in shock. The three day course also enables you to deal with poisons, eye injuries and injuries to muscles and bones. These are just some of the areas covered in the FAW and EFAW courses.

If you’d like to sit a First Aid course, in either Stockport or Manchester, then please call us now, on 0161 40 10 999.
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