HSE Regulations: First Aid in the Workplace

First Aid within the workplace is of vital concern, not only for employers, but also for employees.

The 1982 Health and Safety Regulations have been reviewed and a number of changes have been made which took effect in October 2009. There are three main changes, which affect Emergency First Aid at Work Course (covering Stockport and Manchester).

Before 2009, the First Aid at Work Course or FAW was a four day course: this was later shortened to a three day course. The incorporation of more up-to-date teaching methods, as well as a revision of certain First Aid protocols, has meant that the training can be undertaken in a shortened amount of time, but with the same comprehensive results.

Teaching the basic skills of the course is partnered with enabling confidence in the course participants to enact the training that is being learned.

Alongside the changes to the FAW course comes the Emergency First Aid at Work course, the EFAW, such as the one offered by First Aid Training Stockport & Manchester.

This is a one day course that is appropriate for people working in a low risk environment. By doing this course the participant will receive a fundamental HSE certificate. Clearly it is not as rounded a course as the three day First Aid at Work (EFAW) course, but EFAW certified people are still considered First Aiders for the workplace.

The third change that was made in 2009 concerns risk assessments.

Since the regulations have changed it is wise for employers to carry out a new risk assessment if you have not already done so. There may be areas of your business that now fall outside of the parameters of common sense risk and therefore need to be taken into account.

Further, once an assessment has been done, you will be able to decide what courses will best suit the needs of your company. Such considerations include looking at the potential of working with hazardous materials or other potential dangers of your workplace.

First Aid is not simply good sense for any business or any workplace, it is also the law and therefore mandatory for all businesses and companies.

The regulations set out by the Health and Safety Executive are there to protect both employee and employer, and the simple place to start is with a risk assessment. Once a risk assessment, which is part of regulation, has been completed the appropriate courses can be undertaken.

If, for example, you work in an area involving chemicals, the basic Emergency First Aid at Work Course (for Stockport or Manchester) would not be sufficient, since you would be exposed to potentially harmful materials on a daily basis. In this case a member of your staff would need to complete the FAW course so that there can be a First Aider on site at all time. This will help in ensuring the health and safety of your work force.

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