HSE First Aid Requirements in Manchester & Stockport

The Health and Safety Executive, also known as the HSE, is charged with preventing people from being injured, killed or becoming sick at work.

The way the HSE sets about performing this large task is by putting in place laws and regulations whose function is to limit the health and safety risks of the workplace.

This is a massive task and the only way that it can be accomplished is if businesses and companies get behind what the HSE is trying to do.

Granted, the laws put in place by the HSE make it mandatory for companies to at least have some form of First Aid: such as employees who have completed the First Aid at Work Course Stockport.

The First Aid requirements for the workplace as set down by the HSE are as follows.

A business must undertake a risk assessment in order to assess the possible risks to health and safety that are present in the workplace. As of October 2009, this risk assessment has changed, along with the FAW (First Aid at Work Course Stockport) so if you have not performed a risk assessment since then, it is highly advisable that you do so as soon as is possible.

The purpose of this risk assessment is to find potential dangers in the work place. Obviously this will change from workplace to workplace and as such the First Aid requirements will change from company to company. There is no substitute for a risk assessment.

The risk assessment of your company will not only point out potential hazards but also offer assessments of First Aid requirements. A workplace must have a First Aid kit and the lowest level of First Aid cover, which is an Appointed Person. This a person chosen from staff who is in charge of the content of the First Aid kit and reporting any emergencies to First Aid responders. This person is not a First Aider unless they choose to complete either the FAW or the EFAW courses.

If the workplace environment offers more risk to health and safety than a small office building, for example, then you may need First Aiders on staff. Even if your workplace is a small office, but you have employees with asthma or diabetes, it is advisable to have a First Aider on staff.

We always recommend that businesses with any health and safety concerns appoint at least one individual as a First Aider, after sitting the three day First Aid at Work Course in Stockport or Manchester. This is a comprehensive course which covers burns, shocks, poisons, as well as bone and muscle injury, to name but a few. The qualification is valid for three years.

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