HSE First Aid Requirements in Manchester & Stockport

The Health and Safety Executive, also known as the HSE, is charged with preventing people from being injured, killed or becoming sick at work.

The way the HSE sets about performing this large task is by putting in place laws and regulations whose function is to limit the health and safety risks of the workplace.

This is a massive task and the only way that it can be accomplished is if businesses and companies get behind what the HSE is trying to do.

Granted, the laws put in place by the HSE make it mandatory for companies to at least have some form of First Aid: such as employees who have completed the First Aid at Work Course Stockport.

The First Aid requirements for the workplace as set down by the HSE are as follows.

A business must undertake a risk assessment in order to assess the possible risks to health and safety that are present in the workplace. As of October 2009, this risk assessment has changed, along with the FAW (First Aid at Work Course Stockport) so if you have not performed a risk assessment since then, it is highly advisable that you do so as soon as is possible.

The purpose of this risk assessment is to find potential dangers in the work place. Obviously this will change from workplace to workplace and as such the First Aid requirements will change from company to company. There is no substitute for a risk assessment.

The risk assessment of your company will not only point out potential hazards but also offer assessments of First Aid requirements. A workplace must have a First Aid kit and the lowest level of First Aid cover, which is an Appointed Person. This a person chosen from staff who is in charge of the content of the First Aid kit and reporting any emergencies to First Aid responders. This person is not a First Aider unless they choose to complete either the FAW or the EFAW courses.

If the workplace environment offers more risk to health and safety than a small office building, for example, then you may need First Aiders on staff. Even if your workplace is a small office, but you have employees with asthma or diabetes, it is advisable to have a First Aider on staff.

We always recommend that businesses with any health and safety concerns appoint at least one individual as a First Aider, after sitting the three day First Aid at Work Course in Stockport or Manchester. This is a comprehensive course which covers burns, shocks, poisons, as well as bone and muscle injury, to name but a few. The qualification is valid for three years.

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Stockport First Aid: “Why Does My Company Need to Provide First Aiders?”

There are a few options when considering the First Aid requirements of your company – and you will only know what is required once you have undertaken a full risk assessment.

A risk assessment is mandated by law and therefore compulsory for any business, from those in office buildings to those on oil rigs or in laboratories. The range of potential workplaces means that the simplest way to find potential risk is through a risk assessment, such as those which can be carried out by First Aid Training Stockport & Manchester.

If your business is found to have only a very limited health and safety risk then you would only need an Appointed Person.

An Appointed Person is not a First Aider. They are responsible for managing the First Aid kit (which your company should have) and calling emergency services should an emergency happen. Basic regulations state that this is the minimum cover for a company with regard to First Aid, and is appropriate for very small offices. An Appointed Person may also undertake further First Aid training should they wish to do so.

If the health and safety assessment requires your company to have more than an Appointed Person, then there are two possible courses for you to consider.

One is the Emergency First Aid at Work Course (in Stockport and Manchester), or EFAW, which is a one day course. The other is the First Aid at Work Course, or FAW, which lasts for three days.

Logically, the three day course offers a far more comprehensive First Aid training which would be necessary in medium to high risk workplaces, while the one day course could be appropriate for a low risk environment.

The question here is, “Why do you need to provide First Aiders at work?” – and the answer is twofold.

First, ask yourself if you should have a basic First Aid kit in the workplace. The answer is, of course, yes, because you might need it if someone were to hurt themselves. The same applies to First Aiders: you have them around just in case something bad happens, and it often does. A First Aider in the workplace is like a safety net protecting your employees, and yourself from health risks and potential lawsuits.

Second, it is simply the law that you have at least some level of First Aid in your workplace, and the level of First Aid that is required must be ascertained from a risk assessment. These are the ‘musts’ of First Aid in the work place and whether you need an Appointed Person or a person who has completed the First Aid at Work Course Manchester or the Emergency First Aid at Work Course Stockport, your workplace does need First Aid cover.

Treat First Aid training as insurance for your Manchester or Stockport business. We can help you meet all Health & Safety Regulations.

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HSE Regulations: First Aid in the Workplace

First Aid within the workplace is of vital concern, not only for employers, but also for employees.

The 1982 Health and Safety Regulations have been reviewed and a number of changes have been made which took effect in October 2009. There are three main changes, which affect Emergency First Aid at Work Course (covering Stockport and Manchester).

Before 2009, the First Aid at Work Course or FAW was a four day course: this was later shortened to a three day course. The incorporation of more up-to-date teaching methods, as well as a revision of certain First Aid protocols, has meant that the training can be undertaken in a shortened amount of time, but with the same comprehensive results.

Teaching the basic skills of the course is partnered with enabling confidence in the course participants to enact the training that is being learned.

Alongside the changes to the FAW course comes the Emergency First Aid at Work course, the EFAW, such as the one offered by First Aid Training Stockport & Manchester.

This is a one day course that is appropriate for people working in a low risk environment. By doing this course the participant will receive a fundamental HSE certificate. Clearly it is not as rounded a course as the three day First Aid at Work (EFAW) course, but EFAW certified people are still considered First Aiders for the workplace.

The third change that was made in 2009 concerns risk assessments.

Since the regulations have changed it is wise for employers to carry out a new risk assessment if you have not already done so. There may be areas of your business that now fall outside of the parameters of common sense risk and therefore need to be taken into account.

Further, once an assessment has been done, you will be able to decide what courses will best suit the needs of your company. Such considerations include looking at the potential of working with hazardous materials or other potential dangers of your workplace.

First Aid is not simply good sense for any business or any workplace, it is also the law and therefore mandatory for all businesses and companies.

The regulations set out by the Health and Safety Executive are there to protect both employee and employer, and the simple place to start is with a risk assessment. Once a risk assessment, which is part of regulation, has been completed the appropriate courses can be undertaken.

If, for example, you work in an area involving chemicals, the basic Emergency First Aid at Work Course (for Stockport or Manchester) would not be sufficient, since you would be exposed to potentially harmful materials on a daily basis. In this case a member of your staff would need to complete the FAW course so that there can be a First Aider on site at all time. This will help in ensuring the health and safety of your work force.

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Official HSE-Approved First Aid Courses, in Stockport & Manchester

The HSE, or Health and Safety Executive, is a body whose sole purpose is to stop people being killed, injured or becoming ill at work.

This may sound like a big task, and it is, but the way the HSE manages to accomplish this is through regulations and codes of practice that protect people while they are within the workplace.

Part of the function of the HSE is, for example, to inspect risk assessments that companies put forward about their places of work. There is another side, however, which regulates the particular health of your workplace, and this is assisted by First Aid companies that provide training and support. There are many First Aid Courses offered in Stockport and Manchester, however it is vital that your company use only HSE-approved courses, otherwise the work you put in will be in vain.

Emergency First Aid at Work Courses (in Stockport and Manchester) are one easy way to follow HSE regulations. There are only two HSE-approved courses: the first takes three days and is entitled FAW or First Aid at Work. There is also the re-qualification which is a two day course. Finally, there is the Emergency First Aid at Work course which is one day. These are the only HSE approved courses.

There are other kinds of courses but these are the key courses which cover First Aid in the workplace. Of course, the particular kind of First Aid course you need will depend on the requirements of your workplace.

The First Aid at Work (FAW) Course has certain limitations. You must, for example, be physically able to carry out the necessary procedures that First Aid will require. The qualification for this course lasts for three years. This course is particularly valuable where a risk assessment has indicated that a First Aider is required, but it can also be undertaken by an Appointed Person who wants more training.

The Emergency First Aid at Work Course (EFAW) provides a qualification that is valid for three years, but this one day course obviously covers much less than the FAQ course.

Whichever course best suits your requirements, whether you’re looking for First Aid Courses in Stockport or Manchester, the course material is standardised. Both courses cover such topics as the role of a First Aider, how to communicate with an injured person, what a First Aid kit is comprised of and the correct way to record an incident. Both courses will also teach you cardio pulmonary resuscitation, commonly known as CPR, and will teach you how to deal with an unconscious person, and a person in shock. The three day course also enables you to deal with poisons, eye injuries and injuries to muscles and bones. These are just some of the areas covered in the FAW and EFAW courses.

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Appointing First Aiders in Your Company

Health and safety has become an incredible important issue in the workplace over the past decade or so. Part of this can be simple workplace guidance: using lumber-support chairs for posture correction, for example.

But then there’s the important stuff: mainly First Aid.

The most basic requirement of First Aid in the workplace is to have a First Aid kit, and an Appointed Person who is responsible for managing the First Aid equipment and calling the emergency services when necessary.

It is the responsibility of the company to assess the possible health and safety risks that employees may be exposed to and act accordingly. The vital action is to put in place appropriate safety measures and if necessary appoint a First Aid Provider such as First Aid Training Manchester.

In order to fulfil the position of an Appointed Person, an employee does not officially need to undergo First Aid training. That being said, there are a series of First Aid emergency training courses that undoubtedly benefit a person holding this position. Notably, Appointed Persons do not qualify as First Aiders and so cannot perform any First Aid for which they do not have the appropriate training.

First Aid requirements will differ from company to company depending on the potential health and safety risks. A construction site, for example, would certainly benefit from a number of First Aiders on-site; while a company working in a small office building might only need an Appointed Person, whatever the requirements First Aid Training Manchester can provide advice and assistance.

Logically, having a First Aider on staff is similar to having insurance – a “just in case” safety net. This means that even though your workplace may not need a First Aider under official Health & Safety Regulations, it is still a good idea to have a First Aider on staff.

The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 is the foundation of health and safety law in Britain. This Act details the duties of employers towards their employees and to the public. This act does not place unreasonable expectations on the employer but rather emphasizes and legitimizes what common sense and appropriate management would dictate regarding workplace health and safety.

Like that Act of 1974, the Management Regulations of 1999 deal with Health and Safety in the workplace, however, these regulations discuss in more detail the precise requirements of an employer.

The key regulation is that employers undertake a risk assessment; this is only laborious if the workplace uses hazardous materials or is particularly dangerous, like an oil rig or construction site. When choosing the appropriate level of health and safety for your workplace, it is important to subscribe to the rules set down by the Act and regulations.

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