Appointing First Aiders in Your Company

Health and safety has become an incredible important issue in the workplace over the past decade or so. Part of this can be simple workplace guidance: using lumber-support chairs for posture correction, for example.

But then there’s the important stuff: mainly First Aid.

The most basic requirement of First Aid in the workplace is to have a First Aid kit, and an Appointed Person who is responsible for managing the First Aid equipment and calling the emergency services when necessary.

It is the responsibility of the company to assess the possible health and safety risks that employees may be exposed to and act accordingly. The vital action is to put in place appropriate safety measures and if necessary appoint a First Aid Provider such as First Aid Training Manchester.

In order to fulfil the position of an Appointed Person, an employee does not officially need to undergo First Aid training. That being said, there are a series of First Aid emergency training courses that undoubtedly benefit a person holding this position. Notably, Appointed Persons do not qualify as First Aiders and so cannot perform any First Aid for which they do not have the appropriate training.

First Aid requirements will differ from company to company depending on the potential health and safety risks. A construction site, for example, would certainly benefit from a number of First Aiders on-site; while a company working in a small office building might only need an Appointed Person, whatever the requirements First Aid Training Manchester can provide advice and assistance.

Logically, having a First Aider on staff is similar to having insurance – a “just in case” safety net. This means that even though your workplace may not need a First Aider under official Health & Safety Regulations, it is still a good idea to have a First Aider on staff.

The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 is the foundation of health and safety law in Britain. This Act details the duties of employers towards their employees and to the public. This act does not place unreasonable expectations on the employer but rather emphasizes and legitimizes what common sense and appropriate management would dictate regarding workplace health and safety.

Like that Act of 1974, the Management Regulations of 1999 deal with Health and Safety in the workplace, however, these regulations discuss in more detail the precise requirements of an employer.

The key regulation is that employers undertake a risk assessment; this is only laborious if the workplace uses hazardous materials or is particularly dangerous, like an oil rig or construction site. When choosing the appropriate level of health and safety for your workplace, it is important to subscribe to the rules set down by the Act and regulations.

First Aid Training Manchester can provide you with a full workplace assessment, as well as First Aid At Work training courses, covering Manchester, Stockport and the North West.

Call us today on 0161 40 10 999 and let us help ensure your compliance with Health and Safety Regulations!

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